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16 weeks old Point-of-Lay hens (Isa brown)

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Point of lay means hens which have matured to the stage when they should start to lay eggs. The time it usually takes for a good laying breed of chicken to reach point of lay is between 16 – 20 weeks old.

    We have quality point of lay hens, which are 16 weeks old. These are raised by experienced farmers and keenly monitored by our veterinarians. The medical history of the hens are available for verification.

    •3-in-1 vaccine(ND+IB+EDS) is not administered to the 16 weeks old layers.

    •Arrangements can be made for supervised administration of 3-in-1 vaccine to birds purchased by our customers. We have the technical capacity to ensure your birds are well catered for.

    •With good management on your farm, the point-of-lay hens should attain 80% egg production or more within 3 to 4 months of purchase.

    Birds purchased are transported from farm in crates which are loaded in transportation vehicles/trucks (as the case may be).

    We will contact you about shipping costs after making your order. Kindly ensure the delivery address is well stated when making your order.

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