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Large White Piglets

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  • Large size, erect ears and straight snout
  • Large litter size
  • Excellent converter of feed (Fast Growth Rate).

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The Large White pig is a rugged and very active and hardy breed. It can withstand variations in climate and do well in other environmental factors. These animals have been known for decades as a favorite market animal where high quality bacon and pork are sought. The sows are known for having excellent maternal instincts, large litters and also for heavy milk production. The animals are also very good for crossbreeding. And their ability to cross with and improve other breeds has given them a leading role in commercial pig farming system and breeding pyramids around the world. The boars (male) can attain a weight of 350-380 kg at maturity while the sows (females) can attain a weight of 260-300 kg

Their sales is per kilogram body weight.

Specification: Large White Piglets


grey, black, white, gold



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